Warehouse Mezzanines

A mezzanine floor provides the perfect solution to cramped warehouse spacing as your business expands. Adding a Voss Equipment mezzanine to your warehouse or industrial facility can nearly double your existing workspace and help streamline your operation. Our experts will work with you from design to installation to come up with the best mezzanine solution for your specific application. We offer free-standing, pick module, shelving supported and rack supported mezzanine solutions as well as mezzanine stairs. Our mezzanine floor options include standard decking, steel plate, bar grating, high-density composite flooring, and concrete. Learn more about our options below or give us a call today.

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Free-Standing Steel Mezzanine
Our free-standing steel mezzanines are strong and durable for warehouse, distribution center, and industrial applications. These mezzanine structures are easily assembled on-site with bolt together construction without requiring any additional structural supports. We offer pre-engineered solutions for quick installation but if you have custom mezzanine need, give us a call and we can help you design a custom solution that works for your space restrictions.
Pallet Rack & Pick Module Mezzanine
Similar to shelf supported mezzanines, pallet rack mezzanines use your existing racking to provide the structural support for your new warehouse mezzanine. These mezzanines are often installed to serve as a catwalk around racking or as an additional floor space above the racking to add storage or workspace to a warehouse. A multi-level pick module can help you increase picking speed and order fulfillment efficiency in high throughput environments. Pick modules can be combined with steel shelving, push-back racking, gravity flow and other types of industrial racking. Our pick modules are customized to the specific needs of your operation, give us a call today to discuss the challenges you're facing and how we can meet your needs.